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Monday, April 16, 2012

Division Street Elementary's Career Fair / What Were Your Childhood Aspirations?

Move over super heroes, ballerinas and princesses! The students of Division Street Elementary School have their sights set on higher callings-- like scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

At the school's Career Fair last month, students were thinking ahead, about what they wanted to be when they grew up with visitors like John Meany, an Operations Manager/Radio Announcer, Saratoga National Bank CEO Ray O'Conner, firefighter Neil Emanatian and Bill Barile, a Water Treatment Officer.

John Meany talking to 4th graders

Ray O'Conner with 3rd graders

Neil Emanatian wowing the Kindergarten class

Bill Barile enlightening 2nd graders

Forbes did a study a few years ago about kids' dream jobs, and the results weren't exactly surprising. Occupations that topped the list included astronaut, athlete, dancer, movie star, lawyer and doctor.

I actually came across an article from my local newspaper, written 15 years ago, interviewing a then 3rd grade me. I was working after-school on our newspaper and I was quoted saying, "It's lots of fun -- I like the writing and thinking about what I'm going to work on next, I might want to be a journalist. This is practice.''    Kids say the darnedest things, and here I thought I had movie star aspirations when I was younger...

Tell me- what did YOU want to be?


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