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Monday, April 2, 2012

Age This Way

We age everyday, but when it comes to old-age, how will you fare? How do you want to fare?

The Saratoga Vital Aging Network (SVAN) and the Sociology Department of Skidmore College invite seniors, their families, students and any interested community members to participate in an intergenerational conversation on how lively, engaging people find creative ways to make their aging meaningful and manageable while maintaining their autonomy.
The half-day conference from 9am until 1pm, "Vital Aging Our Way" will held on Saturday April 28 at Skidmore College's Murray-Aikens Hall (2nd Floor). Registration begins at 8:30am.

The day will feature speaker Meika Loe, author of the aptly titled Aging Our Way. In her book she explores how elders navigate the challengers of living as independently as possible, while staying healthy and happy.
The SVAN knows that aging presents challenges as well as exciting opportunities. The day will provide a forum for participants to hear how others have navigated the aging process while still keeping it uniquely their own. Participants are encouraged to join in on the discussions.

Coffee, tea and snacks will be included with the $15 registration fee.

For more information on the conference and SVAN visit

“Stepping out on Broadway in Saratoga Springs” - (L to R) Claire Olds, John Nelson and Laura Chodos

“Keeping Fit at the Roosevelt Baths” -(L to R) Laura Chodos, Rosie and Larry Zinn, Ann Palamountain, Rhoda Nemsker, Margaret Eddy and Charles Morrison Saratoga Springs residents.

        Looking svelte SVAN!


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