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Monday, April 2, 2012

Follow Up: The National Museum of Dance's Contemporary Collective

On Saturday March 24, 2012 the National Museum of Dance held Contemporary Collective, an arts event coordinated by the Museum's New Action Committee. Thirty-three Capital Region artists participated in the show, showcasing all types of media including photography, painting, sculpture, sound art, video, performance art, installation art, mosaic, collage, and dance.
The usually formal museum was transformed into a hip arts lounge for the night, with soulful beats from DJ Dragonette, beverages sponsored by Harpoon Brewery and Albany-based Orapello's Wood Fired Pizza

Guests looking through artwork
by Michael Carmen Gentile

Upon entering the foyer visitors were met with over one hundred pieces of art work, all of which were chosen by the New Action Committee through a jury process.  The event's curatorial statement called for work that was contemporary in nature and would work together with other pieces to create something bigger than itself.
The show was wildly successful, bringing to light all the avant-garde, the unusual, the up-and-coming and the most creative work of the area. Claire Tallon, New Action Committee Member and NMD volunteer, described the group’s experience of organizing the event, “when we started this project, we knew there was an empty niche for contemporary shows in this area. We weren’t sure what to expect when we released the open call for art, but the entire committee was blown away by the quality of work that arrived. We definitely want to keep working with these artists and connect with more on future programs.” Plans are already in the works to welcome the Contemporary Collective back next year, with 200 guests already lined up.
Congratulations to the 34 artists/Saratoga county neighbors who made it all possible. You guys rock!
(Anthony Aquino, Anna Bergin, Colin Bergin, Kristin Bodden, Teresa Boyd, Thomas Cannizzo Jr., Ginny Casey, Milt Connors, Francelise Dawkins, Sandra D. Dwileski, Dennis P.R. Fougere, Alicia Freuhulfer, Michael C. Gentile II, John Gill, Benj Gleeksman, Juliana Haliti, Patrick Picou Harrington, Daesha Devón Harris, Sherylrose Iledan, Morgan Lansing, Kimberly Leahey, Nicolaos Lemieux, Libertina Dance Company, Zack Lobdell, Rebecca Locci, Jenny McShan, Max Newman-Plotnick, Claire E. B. Pitts, Bradlea Raga-Barone, Kevin Robinson, Jeremy Schoonmaker, Rose Silberman-Gorn, Stephen Tyson and Ryen Van Ha)


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