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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A thank you from the Ladies Auxiliary Elk's Lodge

A thank you from Judith M. Tirelli, President of Ladies Auxiliary Elk’s Lodge #161:
A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the Wounded Warrior Project Bake Sale, on Election Day, at Gavin Park.  With the approval of both Commissioners at the Board of Elections and Director of the Wilton Parks and Recreation Department, Steve Porto, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Saratoga/Wilton Lodge #161 were ready for action.  Some ladies had diligently cooked for days to get the needed bake sale items.  Voters turned out in record numbers to show their patriotism and to support the Patriots who incurred life changing physical and mental challenges as a result of faithful service to their country.  Examples of goodness abounded that day.  Anonymous citizens wrote checks; if no cash was available. Disabled persons in wheelchairs and the elderly, with canes, stopped by to purchase a baked item.  Karen with her baking business, donated dozens of delicious confections and the gal from Saratoga Library Café (with her USO shirt) called me to pick up her food donation.  A female veteran (a former cryptographer) came by several times to donate funds and purchase goodies.  One man went home and returned with a key lime pie to sell for the troops.  Children as well as adults filled our jar and hearts with joy!  Michele, Laura, Lou, Patty and I witnessed the generosity of those who CARED.  Even when our baked goods disappeared by 11:00AM, voters still continued to GIVE. By 8PM that evening, after we cleaned up, the Wounded Warrior Project had raised close to $1000.00.  God bless the human spirit!  Miracles just don’t happen on “34th Street.


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