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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stop and smell the roses for your mental health's sake: Maplewood Manor's Annual Flower Show

Maplewood Manor recently had their annual flower show, presented by the Horticulture Therapy Group of Saratoga County Master Gardeners. With the assistance of the Maplewood Manor staff, 118 residents and their family and friends toured the vast array of flowers on display. As well as enjoying the scents and colors, several residents won door prizes of potted plants. *A special thanks to Dyer's Greenhouse, Sunnyside Gardens, Brookside Nursery, and The Gardeners at Lowes Drive for loaning the beautiful flowers for the day.

Flowers are for all occassions. When someone is sick, when we are feeling celebratory, want to congratulate someone, tell them we love and appreciate them, we have flowers in hand. A 2005 Rutgers University study put the scientific specifics behind the effect flowers have on us. The study found that humans have evolved to activate positive emotional feelings with flowers, similar to the way that other plants simulate the behavior of certain animals in performing pollination. Flowers were found to improve memory and social interaction, especially among the elderly, and people of all ages who were presented with flowers produced a genuine smile and happiness. In other words, flowers make us happy. But you already knew that...(right, dutiful boyfriends out there?) Read more about the study here. Stop and smell the roses, for your mental health's sake.


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