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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saratoga County Crowns their 43rd Dairy Princess

Provided by: Richard Smith, Saratoga County

Friday, June 1, Miss Molly Pokrzywka was crowned the 43rd Saratoga County Dairy Princess. This year marked a new chairperson of the pageant; Mrs. Julie McBath.  The pageant was a wonderful night filled with excitement, recognition, and ceremony worthy of royalty. The program is no small function but under Mrs. McBath’s organization skills and the many volunteers it went off without a hitch.
     Miss Katie Donnan, a former Saratoga County Dairy Princess, served as master of ceremonies. She started the evening off by recognizing the efforts of the Saratoga County Dairy Promotion Committee who all work tirelessly along side the Princess and her court promoting the dairy industry throughout the year.  Just prior to the usual outstanding buffet being served, Miss. Donnan introduced the upcoming 2012 Saratoga County Dairy Princess Court. As the young ladies were proudly escorted by their fathers and in one case her grandfather to the front of the stage, each girl’s accomplishments and credits were read aloud.  The Dairy Ambassadors who will represent the county in the upcoming year are, Janet Hanehan, Stephanie McBath, Racheal Sherman, Maria Shorkey, Haley Curtiss, and Allyson Block.  
     After dinner the candidates took turns giving presentations of what it would mean to be Saratoga County’s Dairy Princess and used various forms to highlight meaningful points about the benefits of dairy products and good daily nutrition.  Hannah Curtiss gave a presentation concerning her desire to serve the dairy industry. Hannah ended her presentation with a survey that contestants had to pick from drinks which one had the most nutritious daily ingredients. Milk clearly was the winner by all contestants. Molly Pokrzywka gave a fact filled power point presentation citing the qualities of milk and the Dairy Industry’s commitment to that quality.
    Miss Donnan questioned each candidate with an impromptu question which was given to her by the judges.  After the heart felted response of the candidates the judges retired to make their final decision of the night.  During the judges absents the reigning New York State Dairy Princess Emma Andrews gave a very uplifting and encouraging address where she compassionately thanked the state’s farmers for the privilege to serve them as their spokesperson and how rewarding it has been.
     The retiring Saratoga County Dairy Princess, Ms. Kayla Marios gave an emotional tribute to her Saratoga County Dairy Princess Court and all they had done to assist her this year as the Saratoga County Dairy Princess.  She mentioned with genuine pride the story of granting a young lady her “make a wish” wish come true.  What a wonderful and heart touching story.  Kayla ended by thanking many, but most importantly thanking her mother and dad who like any parent of a Dairy Princess knows it is very time consuming.  I know from personal experience and have never heard any parent complain. 
     The highlight and ending of the night was when retiring Dairy Princess Kayla Marios and New York State Princess Emma Andrews installed the 2012 court and crowned Molly Pokrzywka, Saratoga County Dairy Princess and Ms. Hannah Curtiss, Saratoga County Alternate Dairy Princess.  Congratulations to Molly, her alternate Hannah, their court and good luck for a successful year. 


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